Our products are made with sustainable and biodegradable cork – in fact, each harvest of cork tree contributes to the life and longevity of the tree.

No trees are cut down in the process of harvesting cork.

All natural

Made with 100% cotton and cork. Every Corc Yoga product is thoughtfully designed and no two are alike.


Thanks to its honeycomb structure, cork is very durable and provides a high level of friction, to prevent slippage.

Germ Free

Cork is naturally resistant to dust and the growth of mites, making it an ideal material for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

PVC Free

Our products do not contain harsh hormone-disruption materials such as PVC or latex.


The suberian wax found in the cell walls of cork makes it impermeable 
to liquids and resistant to moisture for a longer and stronger life.

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100% Cork and Cotton

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Corc Yoga is committed to providing the most natural products to yogis & wellness enthusiasts around the world while supporting sustainable practices, fair wages, & a clean environment. For every yoga mat sold, Corc Yoga donates five percent of every sale to support a variety our mental health partners in Portugal and in the U.S.



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A community of mindful travelers, wellness, & sustainability-devotees, we are the creators of the world’s first 100% rubber-free, all-natural cork yoga mat designed to make an impact on your practice without impacting the environment

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May 26-31, 2023

Refresh, Revive, Recharge

The Renewal

The Renewal is a cultural & wellness experience supporting sustainable initiatives through mindful practices, designed to connect you with nature and improve your overall mental & physical well-being.


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